Requested to:

Ministry of Finance

26th September 2022

Replied By Institution

Details of how the Covid-19 salary deduction from State Owned Enterprises was initiated and for what rationale

When Covid-19 related Salary deductions was started from each individual State-Owned Enterprise.

(Please provide the above-mentioned information in the form of an excel table with “Name of SoE, Date of Start, Date of Stop and total salary deduction (per SoE/Month)” as Column headers)
If there are SoEs that have already stopped Covid Related Salary Deductions explanation as to why the other SoEs have continued to deduct salaries for Covid-19.
Would also like to get information on if the staff of these SoEs be compensated for the disparity and inequity caused by the discrimination in the start and stop of Covid-19 related salary deductions if any.