What is RTI?

Right To Information (RTI) is a mechanism in which the public is able to request any information under the purview of any government body to increase transparency and accountability.

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All requests sent come with a unique tracking code that can be used to track the progress of the request you have sent. All requests sent through the system are also visible here


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How it Works.


First of all

Immediately after the request is sent through the system the request is made available to the public. The system waits for an acknowledgement from the authority it was sent to. It also is looking for the response to the request as well.


Our Role

The system is designed to send reminders as well as leverage social media platforms to pressure the government institutions to release the requested information promptly. If the information request is relevant to you as well, you are able to subscribe to each individual request to get the information as soon as the system receives it.


Response to RTI Received

Once the system receives the response to the RTI request, the response from the government institutions are made public. The public can opt to then review the response and resend requests if they are not happy with the response.

Latest RTI Requests

Below are the latest RTI requests that have been sent through the system as well as the responses to some of the RTIs that have been sent out. You can view all the requests and subscribe to RTI request to get information as soon as the system receives it.

Ready to file your request?

RTI requests can be made through the system in either English or Dhivehi and can be sent via your mobile as well as a desktop.

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